Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day One (Horsey's point of view)
     After Ellen gave me to Anne to keep her company, I found myself sitting on a chair, waiting for the others to get ready. I don't know what it is about these humans-- racing around grabbing snacks, and pillows, and extra bags and such. Don't they know what "packing light" means? Oh well...
      Before too long, everything was ready to go and goodbyes were being said. After a prayer huddle for safe travels, strength, and fun times, last minute hugs and kisses were exchanged among the family. More than one tear was shed but soon we were heading down the road toward an adventure!
Horsey keeps herself occupied on the long drive with a good book.
     While the humans slept (all except the driver, of course!) I had fun looking at all the scenery along the way. It didn't seem all that long until we were at the outskirts of Winnipeg and turning into a gas station to pick of a relative of the humans, Quent. He was coming up with us to Nanuk and would be there for a couple of weeks. I like him.
     On the drive to Thompson, we stopped at Tim Hortons for a bathroom break and some Timbits. We were just starting through the door when a commotion stopped us. Gathered around a garbage can, four girls were exclaiming over something. It seemed a little strange for them to be exclaiming over a can of garbage so we went to investigate. They had found a little bat in the corner!

     Anne got off a couple of pictures before it flew up almost right in her face! It then flew into a couple windows before getting chased off by a couple of sparrows. It was pretty neat!
     Other than that (and Mom maybe seeing a black bear), the trip to Thompson was pretty quiet.
     Quent had picked out the hotel for us and I found it to be quite a nice place. An added bonus was that Boston Pizza was right across the street so it was easy to go and get supper!
     We tried to get to bed earlier so that we would be rested up for our drive to Gillam, but the shows on T.V. were actually good this time! But, as soon as the lights went out, we all fell asleep pretty quickly.
Horsey watching t.v.

Day Two.
     After an early Continental breakfast, we were on our way to Gillam! Quent had driven to Gillam before but we never had. We had been to Gillam before but we had always either taken the train or flown.  We had been told that the road was really bad but we found that it was in pretty good shape, considering, that it usually was! We made good time and were in Gillam before lunch.
     After a delicious lunch in a restaurant there and a quick stop for some groceries, we were off to the airport to load the plane and be on our way!
Horsey and Anne by the Islander
     It was a great flight, made even better by the fact that Anne got to sit in co-pilot's seat with me, which meant that she didn't get air sick! We saw two polar bears, York Factory, hundreds of geese, a black bear, and an old shipwrecked boat.
     Soon we had arrived at Nanuk lodge and were settled in. Thankfully, we got the generator going right away but it would be a day or two before we would get water.
     The adventure continues!

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