Monday, 20 August 2012

Introducing... Horsey and her Faithful Sidekick, Anne!

     This fall, I am working at my Uncle's lodge in northern Manitoba with my sister, Elizabeth. The morning that we were left, I went downstairs to say good bye to my youngest sister Ellen who was still asleep in bed as it was earlier in the morning that she was used to! Just as I was about to get up off of her bed after giving her a hug, she bolted upright, snagged her small pink horse, and shoved her towards me.
     "Here, take her so you don't get lonely."
     Once I had hold of her, Ellen dropped back into bed and snuggled into the covers. I thought of a few things to saw but I couldn't as I was too choked up to be able to squeeze anything out of my throat.
     That little horse has traveled with me everywhere I've gone so far. As a thank you to Ellen, I will be writing down some of my adventures with Horsey, but from her point of view. Prepare for some pictures and tales from Horsey and Anne's adventures at Nanuk Lodge!

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